Welcome to my blog. It features a lot about me, my life, interests and my intentions and goals. 

A brief note about me….

I am a certified Yoga Instructor from Assam, India, dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable, holistic healing methods and live by the saintly words  “Love everyone, serve everyone.”

A dedicated yogi since 2015, I became a certified Yoga teacher under the guardianship and aegis of Samadhi Yoga Ashram and World Peace Yoga School, Rishikesh. A Masters in English Literature and a Blogger, I was former Mrs India World. I am serving my community in the field of Education as the Executive Director of Vidya Mandir High School. I am the Founder of ”The Yoga Studio” in Guwahati, Assam. My creative teaching techniques are infused with a blend of Hatha, Hot and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow, balance and our sacred connection with the body; my classes equip practitioners with valuable tools to use on and off the mat.

Arunima Dutta
Genre : Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama & Mantra Chanting

*Founder, The Yoga Studio

*Former Mrs India World
*Registered Yoga Teacher under Yoga Alliance USA
*Yog Prasikshak at Indian Yog Association
*Certified in Fundamentals of Ayurveda ( under Yoga Alliance)
*Certified in Pre Natal Yoga
*Certified in Qigong
*International Representative at Idea World, USA
*Ambassador of On a Mission
*Ambassador of Trees for the Future
*Vocal Contributor at World Pulse
*Ambassador of Human Cosmos App

 Grace and Peace!

24 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a wonderful blog…went through some of your posts. Really like the about page though you have a 15 yr old son was a bit of surprise. Like literature and music too. Hope you find something interesting in my blog. 🙂

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  2. Hello Arunima Ba,
    Its been great to visit your blog ,as it refreshes one’s mind and genuinely it brings a positive vibes and outlook within the inner soul.Hope to read much more ahead in near future.

    Anindita Das


  3. Hi Arunima,

    I am a business journalist by profession, who sometimes love to read interesting thoughts and opinions outside companies, numbers and markets. I read some of your blogs and found them quite fascinating and lively. There is a sweetness of fun to a pinch of spice of seriousness in your writing.

    Keep on penning down your thoughts and let them flow the best way they can. Happy Blogging!!!

    Samarendra Sahoo


  4. Hi
    I am Pardeep from Bangalore. I am not great fan of reading because i find it really boring .I am not against your Blog its just I am talking in General that i dont like reading. Now you might be thinking what I am doing here on your Blog. Actually i was waiting for you on LinkedIn hoping that u will reply one day but seems you never visited and checked my profile . so i finally thought to check here and chat with you.
    you must be thinking what I want to talk about .I am sure you can email me at akshkaran@gmail.com


    Once Again I am sorry if you didn’t like my approach


  5. Hi …i sent you request on your gmail account (HANGOUT)..wish to have conversation with you from long time ..i wish if i can talk to you ..but i know its not possible …and i believe its not appropriate also because i just some random guy. i am really interested in knowing you..when ever i look in to your eyes i really feel ……………………… will tell you when we chat . i also write not as good as you.but its shyaari.

    itna bhi na humhe bechaen karo, ki khud sey juda ho jaye….
    Rab bhe dekhe agar aapko toh woh bhi aap par fida ho jaye…
    pyaar itna kartey hai aapsey ki pyaar ka har lafazz chota padh jaye….
    kehney ko mohabat har koi karta hai…par humney mohabat itni ki … ki rab ki ibadat bhi kam padh jaye…….

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  6. Hello ma’am …
    I want to paid collaboration with you ma’am …
    We are working in dry fruits company and manufacturing & packaging based from Gujarat.
    Azalea nuts Enterprises

    I’m giving to you This praposal bcoz of you are in Yoga teachers with professional entrepreneur in yoga and dry fruits are very healthy for all body so that’s a main POV so … I hope you are help me to my start-ups .. 🙏 JSK , jai sai nath 🙏

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