Who am i ?

  Yesterday evening. I was trying on Vipassana meditation, the 7:00p.m. class at a Buddhist meditation. And after a few sessions the instructor asked how it was going for me. “You know, my mind feels emptier, and I suppose that’s good, because you say it is. But . . .”  I said sheepishly, not quiteContinue reading “Who am i ?”

Beat it!!

Frankly, I don’t like risky moves, in yoga or life. My heart pounds. My underarms get sticky. I rationalize, expounding on the benefits of the earthbound. Why? It’s safer. It pays well. It doesn’t take too much time. That’s what I’ve been telling God when He calls me to live a fuller, riskier life. It’sContinue reading “Beat it!!”


November, monday morning! I woke up feeling clueless, introverted and extroverted in equal measure. The weekend consisted of meeting some of my long-time favorite cousins and friends ( david, mili, pori ), meeting few fabulous new-to-me faces, bit of public speaking and the natural anxiety that begets, and plenty of general socialization and high –Continue reading “Gratitude!”