Who am i ?

  Yesterday evening. I was trying on Vipassana meditation, the 7:00p.m. class at a Buddhist meditation. And after a few sessions the instructor asked how it was going for me. “You know, my mind feels emptier, and I suppose that’s good, because you say it is. But . . .”  I said sheepishly, not quiteContinue reading “Who am i ?”

Let’s do it! Done!

Big hello! That’s Erma Bombeck. One of my favourite writer’s of all time. She had three kids and was extremely prolific. Her formula for success was blending writing and parenting. She had a knack for looking at the mundane aspects of parenting in a humorous light and writing about it. Another major reason she wasContinue reading “Let’s do it! Done!”

Thank you!

Hi there! Long time huh! Warning to all readers (or some of the readers … or readers who are picky at least), this post is sure to be full of errors, both spelling and grammatical. Firstly because I’m typing on my iPad using PAGES and for some reason there is no autocorrect. Or if thereContinue reading “Thank you!”