When it’s just Black and White…

I’ve changed the way i look a bit….deliberately. I’ve got a new hair-cut which is blanketed by strong shades of black. The blonde strands have gone and i’ve become a bit monochrome..donning a lot of black and white. In some strange inexplicable mechanism its giving me strength. Confidence. Power. Black and white is so dramaticContinue reading “When it’s just Black and White…”

That was then. This is now.

It’s been a brainstorming session. I  heavily debated showing you something i’m about to reveal because, a) i have pride and b) it might forever tarnish your perception of me.  My cousin and i was taking a trip down memory lane. Those rebellious days, the first love letter followed by a series of love letters…differentContinue reading “That was then. This is now.”