I am my son’s mother and we are growing up *together*

“You are going to need to practice a whole hell of a lot if you want to play the drums in a way that doesn’t hurt people’s ears.” My reply pleased neither my son nor his dad. My friend felt I was being somewhat cruel. Well, i’m not advocating cruelty here, I am simply helpingContinue reading “I am my son’s mother and we are growing up *together*”

I want to feel it all…

 My boy turns 16 today and as i fly away inside my head to a place that sits on the border of reality a quiet storm rises in my chest. I pause. I inhale. I feel a slight twinge of pain. He is growing up, growing up fast. It’s not been easy, i was barelyContinue reading “I want to feel it all…”

Let’s do it! Done!

Big hello! That’s Erma Bombeck. One of my favourite writer’s of all time. She had three kids and was extremely prolific. Her formula for success was blending writing and parenting. She had a knack for looking at the mundane aspects of parenting in a humorous light and writing about it. Another major reason she wasContinue reading “Let’s do it! Done!”