She always understands

Dreamt of Ma last night. Don’t really remember much about the dream. Her face was all I could revoke and conjure up. Woke up with this heaviness in my heart, this familiar density and sickening weight. After her death I would often wrap myself up with her clothes and try to breathe in long andContinue reading “She always understands”

The Golden Liquid

  The easiest way to offend a mother is to tell her to use a lighter hand while applying ghee on anything. The fact that her children can survive without unhealthy quantities of ghee in their lives is hitherto unknown to her and she lives in complete oblivion to it. When I was growing upContinue reading “The Golden Liquid”

The Connect

July 16th, thursday, I’m sitting in the middle of a coffee shop catching up with a friend. And I am already planning the rest of the day out in my head. Did I submit that article on time?  Did I make sure I turned my hair straightener off before I left my house? When does myContinue reading “The Connect”