The Bond

My antique little boy and girl, my beautiful duo….they call me Guxani ( Goddess ), a Pori ( fairy ), always make me feel i am the one they have been waiting to see the whole day and that now their day stands complete…Thank you little ones for the unconditional love, patience, kindness, humour, comfort,Continue reading “The Bond”

If you really knew me….

If you really knew me….. you would know that your morning hug is a tonic…it heals me in ways i can’t script in words. you would know how much i love seeing you in the kitchen. you would know i am not lazy, i just enjoy doing nothing. you would know i hate mondays..actually anyContinue reading “If you really knew me….”

I want to feel it all…

 My boy turns 16 today and as i fly away inside my head to a place that sits on the border of reality a quiet storm rises in my chest. I pause. I inhale. I feel a slight twinge of pain. He is growing up, growing up fast. It’s not been easy, i was barelyContinue reading “I want to feel it all…”