I am my subject, shall remain..

      There’s a moment right before you wake up……It’s a moment of absolute nothingness, completely white and opaque. It lasts for a fraction of a second but you sometimes wish you could live in that second forever. It’s an instant devoid of feeling, the only occasion when you can actually stop time inContinue reading “I am my subject, shall remain..”

I am stronger and better than you!

To: Molester. Hope i am affixed in your memory. Or maybe i am mistaken. Because i ain’t the first milestone down your dingy dark alley. You’ve ”been there, done that” a dozen times haven’t you?  Still, face me now. Here i am. Remember me?  Yes you do. I am the one you verbally abused andContinue reading “I am stronger and better than you!”

Beat it!!

Frankly, I don’t like risky moves, in yoga or life. My heart pounds. My underarms get sticky. I rationalize, expounding on the benefits of the earthbound. Why? It’s safer. It pays well. It doesn’t take too much time. That’s what I’ve been telling God when He calls me to live a fuller, riskier life. It’sContinue reading “Beat it!!”