Writing is hard !!!

WRITING IS HARD. It can be painful. It can be infuriating. I want to give up ! And it’s not the end of the story. Good writing is EVEN HARDER. It takes WORK. I know i dillude myself into thinking I can crank out something, tweak it a bit, and then it will be fantastic.ThisContinue reading “Writing is hard !!!”

Time to move forward…

Recapitulating the past can provide a lot of comfort and confirmation. We can work out our family of origin issues, and neuroses, and past life traumas with our shrink or our shaman. We can talk talk talk it out all day long (I know, I’ve done it). We can trace the cause of your woundsContinue reading “Time to move forward…”

Let’s do it! Done!

Big hello! That’s Erma Bombeck. One of my favourite writer’s of all time. She had three kids and was extremely prolific. Her formula for success was blending writing and parenting. She had a knack for looking at the mundane aspects of parenting in a humorous light and writing about it. Another major reason she wasContinue reading “Let’s do it! Done!”