I am my subject, shall remain..

      There’s a moment right before you wake up……It’s a moment of absolute nothingness, completely white and opaque. It lasts for a fraction of a second but you sometimes wish you could live in that second forever. It’s an instant devoid of feeling, the only occasion when you can actually stop time inContinue reading “I am my subject, shall remain..”

Perhaps that’s why i am here…

Hello everybody! Welcome to this little corner of the internet i call my ‘home’. Go ahead and grab yourself a cup o’ joe or earl grey, if coffee isn’t your thing. Get comfy in your favorite pair of warm flannel pajamas, and find yourself a cozy little spot on your couch to curl up on. WeContinue reading “Perhaps that’s why i am here…”

Follow your heart..

Hello friends! A humongous thanks to all the warm wishes and comments on yesterdays post. It’s little funny,actually sweet…ummm funny and sweet because it took me like an hour and half to crank out those little paragraphs… that’s how uninspired and verbally constipated I’ve been feeling lately, when it comes to blogging and writing asContinue reading “Follow your heart..”