She always understands

Dreamt of Ma last night. Don’t really remember much about the dream. Her face was all I could revoke and conjure up. Woke up with this heaviness in my heart, this familiar density and sickening weight. After her death I would often wrap myself up with her clothes and try to breathe in long andContinue reading “She always understands”

Comfort in a bowl of rice

  Memories of dad flicker in and out these days, the rumble of his guffaws, the way he would fling his gamusa over his shoulder, his relentless haggling with our gardener, the games he would make up for our gang of cousins and friends, his voice when he called out my name. ”Majoni”; yes, oneContinue reading “Comfort in a bowl of rice”

Because I was taught right

Childhood with my grandfather was serene, magical and enlightening. I remember waking up every morning to the melodious hymns of my saint like grandpa I fondly called ”aata”. On days when the milkman did not show up, I would accompany my aata on short walks to the barn to get some fresh milk while soakingContinue reading “Because I was taught right”


There are few things more comforting than curling up under the winter sun and watching it slowly engulf everything around you in its deep ochre hue.  What does compare though, is when the smaller banalities immediately transport you back into time.  As a child winter meant waking up to a thick blanket of frost onContinue reading “Oranges”

Letting go….

An unsettling feeling rattled my bones as I mouthed the word goodbye to the house I called my home. I was nineteen. I did not cry. And for some strange reason I did not look back. We cross borders lightly like clouds. Nothing carries us, but as we move on we carry rain, and anContinue reading “Letting go….”