”We all think we’re going to be great. And we feel a little bit robbed when our expectations aren’t met. But, sometimes, our expectations sell us short. Sometimes, the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected. You gotta wonder why we cling to our expectations. Because the expected is just what keeps us steady…Continue reading “Signs”

I am my subject, shall remain..

      There’s a moment right before you wake up……It’s a moment of absolute nothingness, completely white and opaque. It lasts for a fraction of a second but you sometimes wish you could live in that second forever. It’s an instant devoid of feeling, the only occasion when you can actually stop time inContinue reading “I am my subject, shall remain..”

Writing is hard !!!

WRITING IS HARD. It can be painful. It can be infuriating. I want to give up ! And it’s not the end of the story. Good writing is EVEN HARDER. It takes WORK. I know i dillude myself into thinking I can crank out something, tweak it a bit, and then it will be fantastic.ThisContinue reading “Writing is hard !!!”

Time to move forward…

Recapitulating the past can provide a lot of comfort and confirmation. We can work out our family of origin issues, and neuroses, and past life traumas with our shrink or our shaman. We can talk talk talk it out all day long (I know, I’ve done it). We can trace the cause of your woundsContinue reading “Time to move forward…”

Follow your heart..

Hello friends! A humongous thanks to all the warm wishes and comments on yesterdays post. It’s little funny,actually sweet…ummm funny and sweet because it took me like an hour and half to crank out those little paragraphs… that’s how uninspired and verbally constipated I’ve been feeling lately, when it comes to blogging and writing asContinue reading “Follow your heart..”