The Golden Liquid


The easiest way to offend a mother is to tell her to use a lighter hand while applying ghee on anything. The fact that her children can survive without unhealthy quantities of ghee in their lives is hitherto unknown to her and she lives in complete oblivion to it. When I was growing up it took a lot of ”ma ghee aru nidiba” ( ma don’t add more ghee ) from my side to ”Chup thaka” ( keep quiet ) from mom’s side for her to not rub the morning rotis with the golden liquid. I still remember how mothership sat in a corner glaring at me for being such an unruly child. 

Mornings Now!

I said yes. He said no. I said more. He said less. I mumbled. He muttered. I grunted. He growled. I huffed. He puffed. I insisted. He persisted. I scowled. He frowned. I said I won’t give up; he said he won’t give in. After around thirty minutes of this drama, my son finally submitted to my 1000 ways to make him chubby. I absolutely don’t like being disturbed while cooking, especially when I am making  delicious alu parathas ( flatbread) and yes, I do slather them  with an over-generous helping of ghee.  And the expression on his face as he hungrily gulps down the hot parathas while muttering ” ma bohut bhaal hoise ” ( mom it’s superb ) is priceless! 

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Happy Mother’s Day ! 

the golden liquid