I am stronger and better than you!



Hope i am affixed in your memory. Or maybe i am mistaken. Because i ain’t the first milestone down your dingy dark alley. You’ve ”been there, done that” a dozen times haven’t you?  Still, face me now. Here i am. Remember me?  Yes you do. I am the one you verbally abused and manhandled today, another notch on your belt if i am not mistaken, another trophy in your filthy closet.

Why? Did my clothing provoke you? A pair of trousers and long sleeved shirts couldn’t be revealing, couldn’t have instigated you into behaving with such downright hawkishness. No. Can you defend your pugnaciousness? Can you provide sanctuary to your aggression? Is physical attraction so overwhelming that you lose all sense of being human? I remember the cold glint in your eyes as your gaze turned condescending and menacing, disdainful.

Did you like watching my eyes dilate with fear? Felt good right? A heavily built six feet something frame undoubtedly gave you the advantage to corner and scare me to death. But here’s something you need to know, i possess a strong muscle as well…my brain. And here i am. Telling you, i can’t be petrified. I can’t be silenced.

Karma. We all meet the fate we deserve. And somehow. someday, i will be avenged. And then you will wonder why you’d crossed the path with me.




What happened to me was minor in comparison to what many of us have had to face everyday. The place where we live is awful and when we voice as such we are silenced by monologues, respecting the birthplace and thanking the stars for being born here instead of Israel and Pakistan hit the eardrums like crazy…..seriously! How on earth does that brighten our prospects Sir/Maam? I was never given a choice where i wanted to pop out so where i am from would be the last thing i would be proud of. And if you say this country is my ultimate mother prove it to me by ”not” staring at me like i’m a piece of meat. I have had a taste of what real danger feels like, and to all those who has met similar fate and worse i would urge them to ”not remain silent.”

Because you are survivors and not victims. Because strong women don’t play victims, they don’t look pitiful….they stand and they deal. I am one. So are you.

Be Safe. Stay Strong.



8 thoughts on “I am stronger and better than you!

  1. Fellow women need to learn from you, that keeping quite just not to get noticed isn’t the wise move always. Keep fighting back, courage will take you through.
    Miserable is the state of women in most of the Islamic nations, Israel is not a bad country for women though.


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