Letting go….

An unsettling feeling rattled my bones as I mouthed the word goodbye to the house I called my home. I was nineteen. I did not cry. And for some strange reason I did not look back. We cross borders lightly like clouds. Nothing carries us, but as we move on we carry rain, and anContinue reading “Letting go….”

The Bond

My antique little boy and girl, my beautiful duo….they call me Guxani ( Goddess ), a Pori ( fairy ), always make me feel i am the one they have been waiting to see the whole day and that now their day stands complete…Thank you little ones for the unconditional love, patience, kindness, humour, comfort,Continue reading “The Bond”

This Left Feels Right !!!

  ‘Hey Anger! How you been, girl? Petty, shameless, and basic? Cool! Glad to hear things are still the same!’ Isn’t anger such a basic bitch of an emotion though? And I should know: I’m proud to say I’ve been profoundly angry several thousand (if not million) times in my life, because I can beContinue reading “This Left Feels Right !!!”