Perhaps that’s why i am here…


Hello everybody!

Welcome to this little corner of the internet i call my ‘home’. Go ahead and grab yourself a cup o’ joe or earl grey, if coffee isn’t your thing. Get comfy in your favorite pair of warm flannel pajamas, and find yourself a cozy little spot on your couch to curl up on. We are just about to get started.

It’s been few months that i have been into blogging and many a times i wonder why. Why exactly i am here? Mrs.India World happened in 2004 and with it came the passage to a new world of glitz and glamour. Without even realising i was already walking the crystal path many would dream to tread. Life was beautiful but was it beautiful enough? Was i happy enough? I gradually realised that as i marched ahead in this new phase of my life, the phase that i knew was logical for me, and the career i was told i am made for, i was letting go of the things that once moved me. I was letting go of the first thing i ever fell in love with… the first thing that ever made me feel understood. Words. When nothing else was there, words were. Books were. A pen and paper were. And perhaps that’s why i am here.

I believe that some of us are born with the propensity to feel just a little more and take on just a little more than the average person…the chosen ones. I’ve always had an innate ability to feel too much. I’ve always felt connected, on a deeper level, to strangers passing by, to characters in stories, to writers dead and gone. In my ability to trace the cuts and feel the burns and absorb the bruises from this sometimes unpleasant world, i’ve been able to dig deeper and pull out the bits and pieces that make the struggle all worth it – that make life beautiful. And i have to share the stories that could turn the light on in darkness. To echo the truth that despite the ugly, life can still be beautiful. And perhaps that’s why i’m here.

In the past few years i struggled with the battle of want and need, of logic and desire, of head versus heart. I was torn between a life i dreamed of as a little girl – a life that required me to take the road less traveled – to pursue a life of art and quiet beauty and words, over a life that fell on my lap without my wish. And after much deliberation and discomfort i found my way out. I found my calling. And perhaps that’s why i am here.

I’m here because i have a deep affinity for the written word, and the way words, when stitched together just right, give birth to powerful, potentially life changing stories. I’m here because words are universal. And healing. And profound. And beautiful. I’m here because the un-shared thoughts caged in my head and the untold stories sitting in the dusty corners of my heart are begging for freedom. I’m here because i want to share my stories, and i want them to become your stories. This is where i bare it all. But this isn’t only about me. These words are my own, but they’re yours for the taking. This is about us, gathering the jagged pieces of our broken lives, and putting them back together. This is about us, connecting the dots and finding our way. This is about my words becoming your truth. This not about me, nor is it about you. This is about us.

And perhaps that’s why i am here.

Published by Arunimadutta

I am a blogger and this space is an outlet of emotions on paper where i share my moments of joy, pain, confusion, realization, redemption. This is where I share all of the nouns and verbs and occasionally some prepositions that make my world ''go round''. I can’t promise you much, but I can guarantee there will be plenty of introspection, laughter, wine, mistakes, travel photos, recipes, bargain shopping, feminism. adventures, pizza, movie references, fun facts, new workouts, goal setting, favorite beauty products, geeking out, liberal political views, road trips, oxford commas...uninterrrupted!!

2 thoughts on “Perhaps that’s why i am here…

  1. Thank you for this – beautiful! I share your love of words and even more so of the power of words to turn a light on in the darkness or to point the way for us to find the good and the beautiful beyond all the ugly in the world! I am honored to be participating in NaBloPoMo with you and I’ve been enjoying your blog very much! Om Shanti

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