If you really knew me….

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If you really knew me…..

you would know that your morning hug is a tonic…it heals me in ways i can’t script in words.

you would know how much i love seeing you in the kitchen.

you would know i am not lazy, i just enjoy doing nothing.

you would know i hate mondays..actually any day when i have to go out and work.

you would know i can’t bear the pain any longer when i say ” i am not feeling well ”.

you would know i miss my mother and i cry for her every night.

you would know i keep staring at my phone waiting for my father to call.

you would know i still believe my dad and mom are alive and they would come back to me.

you would know i love silence.

you would know i feel insecure and stupid most of times.

you would know i don’t like gifts, a kiss on my cheek does the trick.

you would know i love touching your palms, they are so soft.

you would know i get scared when i offend you.

you would know i do mistakes knowing you would always forgive.

you would know i have to sleep with at least one foot outside the covers.

you would know i often sleep with a pillow or blanket over my face, with a small air hole, of course.

you would know i am a shy person. Very shy.

you would know your simplest of compliment makes my day.

you would know i keep looking at you to look at me and say ‘ love you”.

you would know weather affects my moods, big time. And so does too much caffeine. And not enough. And stupid people. And… yeah. I can be kind of a moody person.

Yes, you would know all of these and so much more.

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