That was then. This is now.

It’s been a brainstorming session. I  heavily debated showing you something i’m about to reveal because,

a) i have pride and

b) it might forever tarnish your perception of me. 

My cousin and i was taking a trip down memory lane. Those rebellious days, the first love letter followed by a series of love letters…different characters at the receiving end while the sender remained the same. Ahem! Don’t you dare judge. We all have fallen in and out of love, come’on !! Then came horror stories, about how we used to scare the shit out off our idiotic gang….such dumbasses they were. Some of them still believe the ” White Lady would come and torment them if they didn’t bring some gift to me every week” story. Jesus!

We then forwarded our happy-sad, victory-defeat trip a little further. We brought the albums. We looked at, what, pictures ofcourse. Smart. By then we were pounding down vodka shots mercilessly, yeah yeahing and boo booing our victories and defeats. And then i stumbled upon this one. THIS ONE!  An absolute instagram moment in reverse. What the hell!!  A series of emotions hit me left, right, centre. Back as well. I was completely mortified. In goes another two shots and i bursted into spontaneous laughter. I guess i was simultaneously delighted to see my picture, and i actually fought my will and fears to be able to share it here. I don’t know why. I guess at the very least, to bring a little humor to what may be an otherwise depressing Monday, and at the very most, to show all the exceedingly awkward and borderline fugly preteens out there that there is, indeed, hope for a normal life.

So without further ado, I give you… me.  Then and now !!

then n now

Yeah! I’m nearly speechless too.  The first thing that comes to mind is “WHAT. THE. EFF.”  Except, actually, the real word.  The second thing that comes to mind is “how could my mother allow me to look like that?  It’s bordering on child abuse.” And the third thing that comes to mind is


You should have seen my man’s face when I showed him this!  But yes. I went through a shockingly awkward and fugly stage.  It’s not something I look back on with much fondness.   But at least now it’s good for a laugh. 😉



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