Breathe….life is good…..

I have re-written this post about five times now.. Trying to figure out how and where to start. Sometimes posts from the heart are so easy to write and other times it takes time. It takes time to just quiet your mind and everything around you and let your heart speak. Today is definitely oneContinue reading “Breathe….life is good…..”

Perhaps that’s why i am here…

Hello everybody! Welcome to this little corner of the internet i call my ‘home’. Go ahead and grab yourself a cup o’ joe or earl grey, if coffee isn’t your thing. Get comfy in your favorite pair of warm flannel pajamas, and find yourself a cozy little spot on your couch to curl up on. WeContinue reading “Perhaps that’s why i am here…”

If you really knew me….

If you really knew me….. you would know that your morning hug is a tonic…it heals me in ways i can’t script in words. you would know how much i love seeing you in the kitchen. you would know i am not lazy, i just enjoy doing nothing. you would know i hate mondays..actually anyContinue reading “If you really knew me….”

I want to feel it all…

 My boy turns 16 today and as i fly away inside my head to a place that sits on the border of reality a quiet storm rises in my chest. I pause. I inhale. I feel a slight twinge of pain. He is growing up, growing up fast. It’s not been easy, i was barelyContinue reading “I want to feel it all…”

Am i? I am.

Am i a creative person? Do i have that thing in me? And if i don’t can it be learned? Questions gallore as i see blank sheets infront of me. Did i not tell my hubby how much i hate this pen! Its fat and uncomfortable and …………shut up lady! No excuses. Well, coming backContinue reading “Am i? I am.”

Raze the old. Raise the new.

“Some praise the Lord for Light, The living spark; I thank God for the Night, The healing dark.” Robert W. Service Last night. I had set the timer at the coffeepot and was about to crawl into bed. The clock ticked eleven, a little early for celebrated insomniacs like me to call it a day.Continue reading “Raze the old. Raise the new.”

Trust. Lean back. Have faith.

1. Why do i want to write? 2. What do i want to write? 3. What’s getting in my way? Gosh! This isn’t happening…just ” not happening ”. I cannot even commit to writing fifteen minutes a day. There are people who have full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities but they can seem to getContinue reading “Trust. Lean back. Have faith.”