I wish you well….. ummmmmm….seriously!?!




We have all been hurt. Taken for granted. Screwed over. Unseen.

Damage done, but okay. Everyone did their best. Onward. I wish them well. And even though you’d never commune or collaborate with that person ever again, you really mean it.

But how deep does your well wishing run?

Your secret inner dialogue might run something like this:

I hope you’re happy…but not happier than me because that would seem unfair…i mean,i do a lot of personal work and i took the high road on this one..

I wish you success… but not such huge success that you’d forget how valuable I was to your life/business/project, and how much of a ponce/loser/ingrate you were to me in the end. So be successful, but don’t become so wildly successful that I might actually envy you someday.

Even tho’ you broke my heart, I really hope you find true love — but not more blissed-out than you were with me, and certainly not more ecstatic than what I want to be with my next love.
Of course I want you to be happy. But don’t ever forget how much of a jerk you were to me, because I can forgive you, but if you forgive you than you’d be missing a real opportunity for personal growth. Buster!

I remember ma saying,” Wish someone well as if you had the power to make their greatest dreams come true. Wish someone the very same happiness, freedoms, and fulfillment that you’re wishing for yourself. Cast your wishes like you have an unlimited supply of magic to bestow. There’s more where that came from.”

Well,this kind of loving can be excruciating. You might have to face your own sadness and empty places as you wish for another’s sadness and emptiness to be lifted. You will have to acknowledge your interconnectedness, which is particularly difficult when you are moving on. You will have to face your disappointment head on — and what you see might burn your eyes.

And baby, you gotta train hard for this kind of loving, because on the other side is where real freedom lives. Where love flows — endlessly.

If you wish.

Special thanks to Danielle and Jessica.

3 thoughts on “I wish you well….. ummmmmm….seriously!?!

  1. Hmmmm……when ‘i say i wish you well’ to someone who has hurt me….i generally think…’i wish you come across situations that make you realize how much a jerk you have been to me…that u feel the pain i felt and remember me when u do…that you realize u are not perfect and need to change…and that you finally rise above it and find happiness.’

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