One of my personal mission is to inspire others to discover their purpose in life.My father would always preach me to learn and cultivate existential intelligence or the ability to make meaning of life.We all need to know the purpose of our lives…that time we have to take out,even its at midnight each night,to figure out what we are meant to do…
It was a gathering of young women,victims of all kinds i was asked to address.The women,confused,hurt,torn apart,all standing on a fuzzy edge of life,looking at me,staring…So,i started with the injunction to “simply begin”.Yes,we all have to “simply begin”. There comes a time in life when we have to rethink the fundamentals of our lives…disrupt the “status quo”. It maybe frightening at first,there will be much that we can’t predict,but it is only in the doing that we can ultimately build and sustain a happy life.
I being a voracious reader stressed upon the importance of reading and pulled threads from recently read and hugely inspired ink, “DARE DREAM DO”,penned by Whitney Johnson. The book,hopeful,honest and beautifully written tells us to rise above life and pain,teaches us to catalog our talents and channel them towards a thrilling and fulfilling future.The amazing stories makes dreaming accessible without diminishing its power and magic.As an accomplished business leader,Whitney Johnson acutely understands how to translate ambition into action leaving personal tragedies behind.I distributed the book to my fellow women and i earnestly hope it ignites their courage to pursue their aspirations…..remarkable things does happen when we dare to claim our strengths,own our dreams and do what we are meant to do…..’Cut not the wings of your dreams, for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul.’
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage…
I conclude thus,
” I’m not afraid of storms,
for I’m learning to sail my ship”


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